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 Summer Semester Hours
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Summer/Fall 2017

Curriculum Textbook Info

Textbook Information & Online Ordering:
*** Summer/Fall 2017 curriculum textbook prices are subject to change without notice ***

Online Orders: SHIPPING ORDERS ONLY as of 5/23/17
For In-Store Pickup, please visit us on campus.
- Friday, June 2, 2017 -
Last day for purchases/exchanges/refunds using
Pell Grants/Third-Party Sponsors/Scholarships/Loans.

When visiting us on campus to purchase textbooks, please bring:

1. Your UPDATED Summer'17 Course Schedule

and HIGHLIGHT the courses for desired textbooks

     2. Student ID Card (Valid Photo ID & Student ID# REQUIRED)

when paying with Pell Grants/Third-Party Sponsors/Scholarships/Loans